Pyrotechnics describes the technologies used for the production of fire works and explosives. Other applications characterised by a fast or explosive combustion are also considered part of pyrotechnics. A well-known example is the application of safety airbags which are commonly used in automobiles nowadays.

How we contribute

Peutz deals with various aspects involved in the field of pyrotechnics. Here we make clever use of the knowledge present at our company in the field of fire safety, external safety and environmental technology. Due to this combination of knowledge Peutz is an excellent partner in the field of pyrotechnics. For example regarding new product development, performing tests (both in Europe and in China), classification of pyrotechnical products, technical support in order to realize firework stores, etc.

Consultancy activities concern, among others:

• Performing and supervision of tests (in Europe and China) for the mandatory CE marking for fireworks;

• Performing desk studies or tests for the purpose of the ADR classification of fireworks;

• Consultancy in the field of storage of fireworks in fireworks bunkers and verification with the Fireworks Decree;

• Consultancy in the field of product development of fireworks.