Fire safety

Peutz advices in the field of fire safety. We focus primarily on the safety of people. Ultimately, the most important thing is being able to escape safely. In addition, we also pay attention to aspects such as keeping the fire under controle and reduction of fire.

Integrated design

Already in the design phase of a building fire safety is a key concern. What materials do you use? Which architectural and technical installations are necessary? What are the costs involved? In an optimal architectural design fire safety, usability and the investment are integrated in a logical and optimal way.

How we contribute

We advise fire safety precautions in the field of evacuation, smoke- and fire partitions and control of fire and smoke. The precautions can involve constructional provisions, but also installations. In addition, Peutz conducts research on different aspects of fire safety. We combine our expertise and knowledge of the complex regulations, with a responsible dose of creativity.

Peutz has a fire laboratory at its disposal, as well as advanced measurement and calculating facilities. We can test a design in accordance with the applicable Dutch NEN standards. To keep abreast of new developments Peutz is member of various NEN standard committees. Also, we are rapporteur of various standards.

Fire safety is an essential part of the design of buildings and industrial installations. Peutz develops fire safety plans and supports the design of buildings and plants for aspects such as passive and active fire protection, plant and building lay-out, escape route planning and fire safety management.