Audiovisual installations

We specialize in designing small and large audio systems, video installations and associated media technology.


In rooms for theater, concerts, meeting / conference rooms, but also boardrooms and auditoriums a good speech intelligibility without additional aids is not always guaranteed. A wide variety of speakers exists. For churches, stadiums, railway stations, airports and rooms with a long reverberation time high demands are being made on the directivity of the speakers.

A speaker system is designed based on the roomacoustic characteristics of the room, a field in which we have great experience.


For video displays, we test the lines of free sight, the required size of the video presentation, the brightness of projectors or monitors. Combined with daylight and electrical lighting we calculate whether image data is easily visible and readable from every point of view. Good controllable lighting conditions for video recording are important.

In conference rooms, auditoriums, digital courtrooms, the AV equipment is integrated into the room and furniture. In order to carry this out we design installations, in which the preconditions on acoustics, day / artificial light, heat load and possible inconvenience to and from adjacent rooms are taken into account. For archiving, making available (with multilingual search functions) of and broadcast content, solid solutions are possible.

How we contribute

We advise on a single device, but also on complete installations. A program of requirements is the basis for good design, the infrastructure, specifications and contract. The testable quality requirements are being fixed up front to minimise risks on the investment. After a successful tender we provide construction management, and we verify the described final quality requirements at completion.