Building physics laboratory

In our building physics laboratory in Mook, we have test stands and facilities to carry out research in the fields of building physics, indoor climate, comfort, façade quality and hvac installations.

Climatic chambers

In the laboratory we have: Climate chambers, in which we examine 1:1 reconstructed (office) rooms for thermal comfort, the performance of installation components, and the interaction between technical installations and building structures.

Facade testing

Facade test set-ups, both indoors and outdoors, in which we can examine sections of a facade at full scale for air and water tightness, impact rain tightness, stiffness, condensation behaviour and thermal insulation behaviour. We can also test sealing materials and façade ventilation systems.

EN 13141-7 and EN 308 

A test facility for measuring the thermal efficiency of ventilation devices with heat recovery according to EN 13141-7 and EN 308.

Experimental setups

Space for experimental set-ups and applied research on installation components and other product research.

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Office room