University Library


The University Library plays an important role on the campus of the Technical University (TU). It’s a collection of books, a study area and, last but certainly not least: a landmark of the TU and even a tourist attraction. Located next to the massive shape of the Auditorium, the library is sometimes described as: “an elevated landscape above a mass of books with a transparent usage area and wholly intersected by a cone”.

Contribution of Peutz

Peutz has been a consultant throughout the whole process, from phrasing the key points and demands, choice of constructions, assessment of the actual construction of the building and final results by doing measurements. This concerned mainly:

  • The room acoustics in the central spaces: the open book repository, study area and study halls
  • The room acoustics in the study halls that are located in the cone
  • Noise insulation of inner walls
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound control of the ventilation systems

TU Delft

Photo: Peutz

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The Netherlands
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